Jo Kwon: Muscular Upper Body with Chicken Legs?!

Photos of 2AM’s Jo Kwon have been a hot topic in various online communities recently. Several months ago, the skinny star tweeted photos of his ripped arms and buff upper body while working out. Jo Kwon is known for his small delicate looking face as well as body, and his fans were surprised to see his muscular upper body. However, a recent photo of him working out his lower body has been circulating the net, and netizens couldn’t miss his super skinny chicken legs despite his intense workout.

Netizens commented, “He has a muscular upper body, but he also has super skinny legs,” “His ripped arms surprised me, but what surprised me even more was his chicken legs,” and “Both his brawny arms and skinny legs are full of Jo Kwon’s charms!”


Recent photo of Jo Kwon at the premiere of movie “Sunny”