Who Has the Sexiest Eyes? (Female Celebrities) ♨

Here is a list of the sexiest eyes in the Korean entertainment agency. Most of them are so iconic that it is easy to guess who the owners are, however just for fun, try to guess whose eyes are whose. At the end of the article are the names of the owners of these sumptuous eyes. Enjoy!


#1. These eyes are seductive sensual and also foxy! 


#2. These eyes are a bit far from being sexy but have a pure innocence kinda like deer eyes.


#3. Oooh! Also seductive and beautiful. 

#4. More cute than sexy, but there is definitely something about these eyes.

#5. Cute + Innocence+ Sexy = These eyes!


#6. These eyes are actually kind of sad as I look at them, but they definitely have a sexy quality.

#7. Iconic sexy eyes, no words needed.

#8. The picture is a bit small but the owner of these eyes is foxy!

#9. These eyes also seem cuter than sexy, but these eyes had to be included.

#10. These eyes are sexy and cute!

#11. Something about these eyes and their icy quality. Still sexy, but so cold!

#12. These eyes are very sensual, hmm remind me of some kind of animal, but I can’t name it.

#13. These eyes are always sexy, but also something about them reminds me of deers!

#14. Pure and neat but sexy!

#15. These eyes are very exotic, and very fitting with the owner!

#16. Always will be the owner of one of the sexiest eyes.

#17 Had to put these eyes in here, to throw everyone off!



Here are the answers! 

1. Son Dambi

2. Lee Min Jung

3. Jun Ji Hyun

4. f(x)’s Krystal

5. After School’s Uee

6. 2NE1’s Park Bom

7. Lee Hyori

8. Sistar19’s Bora

9. G.NA

10. Kara’s Goo Hara

11. SNSD’s Jessica

12. Tiara’s Hyomin

13. Park Ji Yoon

14. S.E.S’ Eugene

15. Ha Ji Won

16. Ko So-Young

17. Harisu


Whose eyes are the sexiest? Tell me what you think!