SNSD Jessica’s Flawless ID Photo…Purposely Released?!

Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Jessica’s ID photo has been released. On May 11th, an avid fan circulated Jessica’s ID photo on the net, and it has been a hot topic since. While most of our ID photos look like mug shots, the ever beautiful Girls’ Generation member looked like a goddess in hers.

In the ID photo, Jessica gives off a clean cut look with straight brown hair and black conservative top. Jessica is nicknamed the ice princess because of her normally cold-looking appearance and serious face.  However, she’s seen smiling in her ID photo, giving her a softer and gentler image.

Netizens have commented, “Who uploaded this? How did they find it?” and “I heard the SNSD members recently took their ID photos. I wonder if we can see the other members’ photos as well…”

How come our ID photos don’t come out like this?!