Tony An "I dated 6 Female Celebrities"

On May 13th for MBC dramanet’s talk show “Beautiful Person,” Tony An revealed that he had dated 6 female celebrities and shared the full story regarding the beginning and end of each relationship.

The first girlfriend he shared information about was a new actress at the time of H.O.T’s peak, and she was one year older than Tony. Both Moon Hee Jun and Kang Ta of H.O.T were watching TV and had crushes on the actress. Two months later Tony got to meet the actress coincidentally and the actress showed interest in Tony first. Then they began to date while Moon Hee Jun and Kang Ta were jealous of him.

He also talked about the love story for his third girlfriend which he considers his first love, the girlfriend he had during his military service, and the girlfriend that cheated on him.

Although the emcee’s continued to ask questions to Tony, he was answering everything honestly and shocked the emcee’s even more.