Crown J Absent for His Trial for Marijuana Possession

According to Star News, the first trial for Crown J’s possession of marijuana was unresolved due to his nonappearance. The courts stated that if Crown J did not appear again on the next trial date, the court would issue a warrant.

May 12th was the date for his trial, however Crown J’s defense lawyer appeared for the trial but it was discontinued due to Crown J’s absence.

The lawyer stated, “Crown J did not appear for the trial because of a misunderstanding, he thought the trial had been delayed to a later date.” The defense lawyer asked that the date be pushed back.

The Department of Justice responded that they could not accept this type of explanation.

Originally, the first trial was supposed to be held on April 19th but Crown J’s side had asked to delay that date. On May 11th Crown J’s lawyers had asked to once again delay the trial date but this was request was denied by the Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice stated, “We will proceed with the trial again on May 24th, and if Crown J is once again absent we will issue a warrant for his arrest.”

Crown J was charged with smoking marijuana five times in his Atlanta recording studio by the Korean prosecutors between April and November of 2009.