"City Hunter’s" Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young Wet and…

Recently, actors Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young enjoyed a lovely romantic date for “City Hunter.” On May 3rd, the two leads went to Seoul Yeoido’s Hankang Park to shoot a beautiful springy and romantic scene. Lee Min Ho plays Lee Yoon Sung, a MIT graduate who works in the Blue House National Communications Team, while Park Min Young plays Kim Nana, a secret service agent and former judo athlete.

The two happen to accompany each other to Yeoido for business, but they end up enjoying a sweet moment together. Lee Yoon Sung and Kim Nana are shown having fun fooling around at a fountain like little kids, and both are soaked from head to toe. Both Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young were pros and finished shooting without any NGs.

Representatives of the production company said, “Lee Min Ho and Kim Nana have perfect chemistry, and their passion and dedication to completing the scene as best as possible energized the rest of the cast and crew.”

“City Hunter” is based on the best-selling Japanese manga by Hojo Tsukasa, which sold over a million copies just in Korea. The original manga by Tsukasa is set in 1980 Tokyo, but the drama adaptation will take place in modern day Seoul.

“City Hunter” will air its first episode May 25th.