G.Na Seeks Overseas Advancement with Release of Bruno Mars Cover Track

G.Na teamed up with Lee Gi Chan to release a cover track of Bruno Mars’ hit single, “Count on Me,” today. The Korean adaptation single will include an acoustic version and a pop style track, as well as instrumentals. Also, for the MV of “Count on Me,” G.Na and Lee Gi Chan appeared together as a couple, which caused some fans to speculate if the two were actually dating in real life. That rumor started to gain traction after Lee Gi Chan posted this photo on his twitter page today (see below).


G.Na has been sensational lately with her hit singles “I’ll Back Off so You Can Live Better” and “Black & White.” Many have been fascinated by her strong vocals, but recently her hot body and fluency in English have caught the attention of more fans, as it was reported today that a lot of foreign agencies are inquiring about the possibility of her advancing to overseas markets. “It is true that we’re getting a lot of calls from foreign labels. I think her fluent English gives her the most merit,” an official from Cube Entertainment told Chosun Ilbo. G.Na grew up in Canada before she moved to Korea a few years ago as a trainee singer. The fact that she has no language barrier, not to mention her sexy image and exceptional singing capability, is appealing to a lot to these foreign music agencies, the report added. “We are receiving a number of different offers and we’re considering them carefully. But we think it’s too early to discuss her overseas promotions at this point as we believe it’s more important to establish herself in the local market first,” Cube Entertainment said. It looks like the star singer is indeed gaining a lot of attention from overseas markets, and her talents and assets are no doubt going to appeal to a lot of foreign fans. It remains to be seen how her agency will promote G.Na abroad, but at least with this Bruno Mars cover track we’ll get a taste of what she sounds like in a song made by an American producer!