2PM Holds Successful Tokyo Concert

2PM held a successful Tokyo concert in front of a sellout crowd on Thursday, as they near the release of their Japanese debut album next week. Thursday’s concert of “2PM 1st Japan Tour 2011 Take Off” was held at the Tokyo Makuhari Messe Event Hall with more than 8,000 fans filling up the seats despite the heavy rain in the area. 2PM gave live performances of 22 of their biggest hits including “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop,” “Without U,” and “Getting Tired of Waiting.” They also showed the music video and performed to their Japanese debut single “Take Off,” which is scheduled for release on May 18th. “We were very nervous before the start of our first Japanese tour, but the fans who filled the seats supported and encouraged us so much. We would like to thank our Japanese fans who love our music and also the staff members who worked so hard for this Tour. We will continue to do our best as 2PM,” the group told local media.

2PM will wrap up their first Japanese Tour with one last concert today in Tokyo. As part of the Japanese Tour, 2PM held concerts in Sapporo, Fukuoka, Osaka, and Nagoya in the past week. The group will promote their album for another week in Japan before returning to Korea on May 21st.