T-ara’s Hyomin’s Perfect Drawing Skills

On May 11th, T-ara’s Hyomin released a photo on her twitter along with the comment, “Done with script reading. I was so bored I decided to draw a one-and-only poster for ‘Gisaeng Ryung.’ I’ve been hearing a lot of strange noises lately…maybe it’s because I’ve become so stressed. Sob~ Sob~”

“Gisaeng Ryung” is Hyomin’s first movie and is about the soul of a murdered child entering the body of another child to avenge herself by committing murders. Hyomin is seen leaning on her desk while staring into the camera. She holds a pencil in her hand with her masterpiece right beside her. Her drawing, titled “Gisaeng Ryung,” shows a big pot with a child hiding inside it.  

Netizens have commented, “It’s quite scary. She’s quite talented,” “She sure did express the theme of the movie well,” and “She should be an artist!”

Hyomin’s horror movie is expected to open in theaters this August.