[Exclusive] Big Bang Answers Your Questions!

You asked, Big Bang answered! Here we have responses personally hand-written by each Big Bang member to questions Soompiers asked prior to their fourth mini album release! We apologize for the late post, but please understand the boys have been super busy with their new album promotions—they released not one, but TWO albums in the last couple months. Also please keep in mind they rarely do personal interviews! Given their tight schedules, it was extremely hard for Big Bang to respond to all of your questions but they still managed to answer some—because you guys are true V.I.Ps!

From the whole group:

1)     Do you know just how popular you guys are around the world? Have you ever felt the influence of overseas fans? How did it feel and why do you think you’re so popular abroad? (from multiple fans)

“Whenever we visit other countries, we realize our popularity there. But when we’re just in Korea, it doesn’t really strike us as real. The total number of clicks on YouTube and similar sites (of our video) really surprise us. We’re just really happy and thankful for people supporting us from far away. We hope to get to see you (overseas fans) more often.”

2)     How do you want to be treated by fans? (hime_mochi)

“We hope our fans would accept us with an open mind on a lot of our ideas and things we do.” 

Fan Questions:

1)     If you had a time machine, where would you want to go (time, location, and with who)? Why? (from Nevyn)

“We would go back 50 years and experience a lot of different cultures to produce new music.”

2)     If you had to seduce a girl in 30 second, what song would you sing? (from locarno)

“I hope you can tell us the answer.”

3)     If you weren’t a Big Bang member, what do you think you would be doing now? (from dbgdluv)

“Big Bang’s producer.”

4)     Which girl group member would you like to be? Why? (from deedeegii)

“We like being Big Bang.”


Tae Yang:

1)     Your solo track “Wedding Dress” is very popular around the world. Why do you think so? (from multiple fans)

“I think the melody of “Wedding Dress” and my vocal color matched well and appealed to the fans abroad. I also think the music video with a sad storyline and choreography enhanced the song’s popularity in other countries.”

2)     A lot of female fans pick you as their ideal types. What do you think is your charm? (from multiple fans)

“Hmm…I’m not sure either. What do you think is my attraction?”

3)     What are you better at: dancing or singing? (from multiple fans)

“I think I still need huge improvements in both areas.”



1)     You wrote and produced all the songs on the “Tonight” album. What was most difficult or fun, and where do you find your musical inspiration? (from multiple fans)

“Everything is difficult yet hard at the same time. I can always learn new stuff and try other things. Musical inspiration…I don’t know, it all depends on how I feel each day.” 

2)     What’s your favorite track so far, and why? (from multiple fans)

“Haru Haru (Day by Day). I love all of my songs but a lot of people liked this song, and I personally want to show off this song a lot. It brings back a lot of memories and I still get emotional listening to it.”

3)     Any singer with a different agency or country you would like to work with? (from multiple fans)

“If I do get a chance, maybe a rookie girl group???”



1)     Do your silver and blue bracelets have any special meanings? Did you get them as gifts? (from roycie)

“They don’t have any special meanings. A long time fan has given it to me, so it sort of works as my lucky charm.”

2)     Would you like to continue acting? (from eviea)

“As long as the role fits me and the show/film is good, I would do it anytime.”

3)     You look really close with Park Bom, especially after she was featured in “Oh Yeah.” What do you think of Park Bom? (unknownbutknown)

“I think she’s good.”


Dae Sung:

1)     Was it hard to film “What’s Up”? Did T.O.P give you any acting advice? (from juang_bb)

“It was difficult to work on Big Bang’s new album and our overseas promotion at the same time while shooting the drama.”

2)     Did your musical preference change through doing musicals and dramas? If so, how? (from no1chronoptimist)

“It didn’t really change, but I was a rocker in the drama, so I tried to listen to a lot of rock music.”

3)     Unlike your real character, you look tough and rarely smile on album jacket photos. Is it intentional? (from ikaru)

“I guess it’s because I try to follow the overall album concept…but I think that’s just another side of me..^^”


Seung Ri:

1)     You’re really good at mimicking YG’s voice (the head of YG Entertainment). How do you do it? (from FDTxtianshix)

“I just do my best to make it sound similar.”

2)     Your me2day tags are hilarious. Where do you get the ideas? (from jiyongfighting)

“I just wanted to express my thoughts in a unique way.”

3)     You’re the youngest of the group. How are you as the youngest member, and what type of brother are you to your younger sister? (from chocoHOLICv)

“I’m very cold-hearted and unfriendly. I’m a cha-do-nam style!! (Editor’s note: “cha-do-nam” is a slang word for a “cold-hearted, urban, guy,” which is widely used as a way to describe a cool and stylish guy from the city).”

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