Park Bom Sings Live and Big Bang Unveils Osaka Rehearsal Clips on “YG on Air.”

On the third episode of “YG on Air” today, Park Bom gave her second live performance of “Don’t Cry” – this time with a full band—and Big Bang unveiled behind-the-scene footage of their concert rehearsal in Osaka, Japan.

Park Bom sang live “Don’t Cry” for the first time couple weeks ago on the first episode of “YG on Air.” That time it was an unplugged version—so today she came up with a full band to give a uniquely rearranged version of her latest single. Without the electronic beats of the original track, today’s live performance had a softer tune and more of a rock music feel to it. Park Bom’s powerful vocals combined with a live piano and guitar sound provided an equally satisfying, if not better, version of “Don’t Cry.” The session men behind today’s performance included some of Korea’s most prominent musicians: Bassist Lee Tae Yoon and Pianist Choi Tae Wan are part of the legendary “Cho Yong Pil and the Great Birth” band, and guitarist Ham Choon Ho and drummer Kang Soo Ho are some of the most prolific musicians in their respective areas.

In the mean time, Big Bang revealed rehearsal and concert footage of their “Love & Hope” concert in Osaka. The video clip involved behind the scene cuts of the group preparing for their concert held on May 10th and showed the softer side of members playing around with each other back stage. It also featured actual clips of the group performing at the concert in front of a jam packed crowd. 

To view the full show, click here if you live in Korea, or here if you live outside of Korea.