Alexander tweets: "Call Me"

For superstitious folks, Friday the 13th is a dreaded day. A date marked by the fear of unfortunate events has put a dark cloud on a day that can be just as enjoyable as any. Alexander Eusebio fans can jump for joy! The current 3rdWaver made this particular day their luckiest one via Twitter.

Read his recent tweets below:

“A tweet a day, keeps my loneliness away.″ \(=v=)/ ″Baby I’m so lonely lonely lonely~♪(2NE1)″ Hv a NICE weekend!! TGI#Friday13th BOO!!! �de1b

Don’t be superstitious~ Nothing BAD (except Xander’s trouble) will happen on #Friday13th~ LOL~ If ya afraid then…☏CALL ME!!(^▽^)/ ″Ring~♪″

Unlike the 2NE1 promo for “Lonely”, Alexander is inviting you to call him without any strings attached. If you had his number…..Would you call?


Credit: @alexander_0729