What Bordeaux Wine Goes Best with SNSD Seo Hyun? KARA Goo Hara?

May 16th is Korea’s Coming-of-Age Day and is celebrated by those turning twenty that year. This year, those born in 1991 will celebrate their coming of age. Some of the popular coming-of-age presents include perfumes and 20 roses, but wines are also gaining popularity. Le Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB) Korea analyzed four coming-of-age celebrities and recommended wines that best fit their image accordingly. Kara’s Goo Hara (01.13.1991), Girls’ Generations’ Seo Hyun (06.28.1991), 2AM’s Ji Woon (05.02.1991), and SHINee’s Min Ho (12.09.1991) have been compared to various wines to help consumers purchase wines for their special 1991-er. 

Cute, easy-going, and sexy Goo Hara?

Bordeaux AOC: Most Bordeaux AOC red wines are supple and fruity and are enjoyed as everyday wines. Depending on their blends, they offer delicious aromas of red berries, blackcurrant, or violet. The wines’ diverse and unique aromas match KARA’s Goo Hara who is also very versatile as a celebrity – she can sing, dance, model, and act. A light red with fruity and flowery aromas and a hint of vanilla and spice is perfect for the young star. The CIVB recommended Lafite Saga Bordeaux Rouge 2006 (\37,000 in Korea), which is mostly fruity with a hint of vanilla and spice, as the wine that represents Goo Hara. Currently, the singer actor is starring in her first drama “City Hunter” as the President’s daughter. 

Pure and feminine Seo Hyun?

Bordeaux Rosé: The colors of Bordeaux Rosés remind consumers of delicate roses with their soft pink colors, reminiscent of Girls’ Generations’ youngest and one of the most feminine members Seo Hyun. Bordeaux Rosés have beautiful, intense aromas and are considered fresh, light, and charming wines. They are best when slightly chilled, and a nice starter wine for beginners. Le Rosé De Mouton Cadet 2007 (40,000 won in Korea) is a dry rosé with a light aroma of black cherries and wild berries. It’s slightly crisp and fresh with a smooth creamy finish. 

Serious yet gentle masculine Ji Woon?

Médoc AOC: While he is still very young, 2AM’s Jin Woon is very manly and generous. Likewise, Médoc wines are structured, robust, generous, and full-bodied. The bouquets develop with age with aromas of licorice, black berries, leather, and roasted elements – like cedars, truffles, and coffee. The wines of this region are powerful, complex, and have relatively high levels of alcohol. Hence, it is one of the best wines to gift men. Château Saint-Siméon Médoc 2007 (40,000 won in Korea) is a perfect blend of cedar, dried cloves, and dark berries. It’s composed of 60% Merlot grapes, and has a soft tannin finish, 

Pretty boy yet manly Min Ho?

Sauternes AOC: A famous appellation in the Graves district, Sauternes AOC is well-known for its sweet white wines. The great sweet wines of Bordeaux, Sauternes, are among the most enjoyed wines in the world; and similarly, pretty boy and the “nation’s little brother,” SHINee’s Min Ho is a delightful sweet treat to his older fan girls. Le Dauphin De Château Guiraud 2005 ( 55,000 won  in Korea) is based on a blend of Semillion and Sauvignon Blanc that has been infected with noble rot creating a concentrated sweet wine. This rich, honied wine is comparable to Min Ho’s charms, and both can magically win over a woman’s heart within minutes of being in their presence. 

Representatives at CIVB stated, “Each of Bordeaux’s 63 appellations produce distinctive and delightful wines according to their various climates and properties. We hope these newly turned, of legal drinking age, adults can enjoy such amazing wines. The best part of wines is happily deciding which wines to gift depending on the person and the occasion.” 

So whether you’re celebrating your coming-of-age or drinking for fun with friends, how about choosing from one of these wines and comparing the taste and aromas to the selected idol! Do you think they matched the idols to the wines correctly? Remember drink safely!

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