[Recap] We Got Married Episode 77 (Final Goguma Episode)

Finally Yonghwa and Seohyun arrived to have their “last supper” which was Dduk Bokki! They both decided to eat at the same place and also sit at the same lace they had before.

The area that they went to is called “Shin Dang Dong” and it is known as the place where Dduk Bokki was first created. (Of course, now it’s full of different restaurants that claim they were the first ones to have invented Dduk Bokki ^^;)

Seohyun exclaimed that it seemed like they had gone back in time. Yonghwa scolded Seohyun for not using “Ban Mal” (Informal Korean dialect). Seohyun began to eat Dduk Bokki exclaiming that it was delicious and Yonghwa said, “You can eat well now, back then you couldn’t even one Dduk!” (Dduk = one piece of the dduk bokki, or also rice cake) The Goguma couple were eating together and didn’t know that time was passing by.

Suddenly Yonghwa suggested that they play a game to know how well they’ve gotten to know each other for one year. The punishment was that if somebody loses they would get hit on the forehead with a flick of the finger. Seohyun asked a difficult question, “1. On our 200th day what’s the thing that Seohyun did that Yonghwa didn’t realize?” The answer was, “During the duet I put on a badge.”

Yonghwa’s question on the other hand was easier, “What did we get after donating blood?” Seohyun replied, “Certificate to buy books.”

Seohyun’s question “What does Seohyun hate the most?” Yonghwa answered correctly, “Push and Pull (Playing Mind Games).”

Yonghwa’s question “What is the gift from Seohyun that Yonghwa thought was most memorable?” Seohyun answered, “When I Sang the song Love Light.” (Seohyun had sang this song during their fishing date)

It was finally time for Yonghwa to get hit on the forehead. Seohyun missed and hit Yonghwa’s eyes. During their 1:1 interview Yonghwa exclaimed that before Seohyun couldn’t play any jokes like that, while they were walking to the store where they got their couple ring they were linking arms.

They were looking through what they should buy with the rest of the money they had together, and couldn’t find anything worthwhile. They just ended up buying dolls together.

As it was their last day together they went back home and they were reminiscing about the times they had cooked together.

 Brief clips were also shown of the different people that had come to visit the Goguma couple.

Then the Goguma couple looked on the list of things they were supposed to do which was attached on the refrigerator. Although they hadn’t done everything together, Seohyun tried to stay positive exclaiming that they had done a lot together. But, they paused on Yonghwa’s own list, and pointed at “reading!” Yonghwa hadn’t finished reading some of the books that she had bought her. Afterwards, Seohyun began to make “Ma” shake for Yonghwa. (It’s a gross plant/fruit something that is good for your health, uggh)

Yonghwa was hugging the bear sitting on the sofa watching Seohyun. Yonghwa exclaimed that he thought whenever they were home together he probably spent 80% of the time sitting on the sofa.

Yonghwa began to say nonsense things. (I think it was because he wanted to say something to Seohyun but didn’t know the words to say) In his 1:1 interview Yonghwa said that at home, when he would look at Seohyun’s back it was the prettiest. (Back as in her back appearance when she was cooking etc. Heh, this is pretty common amongst guys)

Seohyun was finally done and they were drinking their last “health drink” together. Yonghwa asked Seohyun, “can you make this for me every morning by coming over to my house?” She replied, “You live too far away, move closer to where I live.”

They went back into the bedroom and for the last time Yonghwa wanted to lay down on Seohyun’s knees. He pretended to sleep and Seohyun tried to wake him up, Yonghwa joked around saying “Are you done cooking?” They began to look through the pictures they had taken together.Then Seohyun read the letter that Yonghwa had wrote her during their first meeting.

“To Hyunee. Maybe it’s because we’ve become married when we don’t know each other that well, but both of us are kind of awkward and it seems like we don’t know what we should do. But, I feel like we’ve become pretty close together even in such a short amount of time, and therefore I think that the days ahead of us will be fun. Although we’re only a “pre-couple” (couple in preparation, couple that is not ready) let’s try to learn about each other quickly, Hyu-uhn.

In her 1:1 interview, Seohyun exclaimed that she realized that they had done so much together, and because it was their last time together, she started to feel a bit of sorrow.

Now, the Gougma couple began to carry out their belongings and finally leave their couple home. Both of them said goodbye to their house, and they couldn’t contain their sadness.

Once they got inside the car, Yonghwa suddenly asked Seohyun to open the trunk and take out his guitar. When she opened the trunk she didn’t know what was going on because there was a blanket. She moved the blanket away and there were balloons! (A classic move, har har) Yonghwa exclaimed in his tough guy way, “Do you think I was just going to send you off like that?” Then he was shocked!

The balloons hadn’t fallen out properly. (-_-;) Seohyun was still obviously very happy. Yonghwa took out roses for Seohyun, and he had another gift prepared! It was the pink guitar that he couldn’t buy her in the past because it was so expensive.

Yonghwa drove Seohyun home. Yonghwa said, “I should’ve drove to your house and meet your parents.” Seohyun replied, “My parents said that you are like their son” and Yonghwa smiled. They talked a little bit and Yonghwa suddenly asked Seohyun, “How many Gogumas am I?” (The number of Gogumas equates to the number of thumbs up or stars for Yonghwa) Yonghwa said to tell him out of a scale of five. Seohyun said, “You are 10 Gogumas out of 5!” Yonghwa was very happy! He continued to joke around and live up his name as “Yong Choding.” (Elementary Kid Yonghwa) They had almost reached Seohyun’s house and both of them seemed very solemn and sad.

Seohyun asked that they should take a short walk together and they did holding hands. They sat together at a bench and Seohyun had prepared YongSeo Story II. This short story had all of their memories put together! Yonghwa read the story out loud and in his 1:1 interview, Yonghwa exclaimed that the gift was one that he literally felt through his skin. Seohyun in her 1:1 interview said that she felt like that day was very cold but she felt the feelings she had when they first met, and she gave him the story book because he could cherish their special memories like a picture.

Then she began to cry (T_T).

Finally it was time to say goodbye and they walked back to the car, in front of Seohyun’s door. They both nodded at each other in front of Seohyun’s house. Seohyun said “Thank You” and Yonghwa replied, “Let’s meet in our dreams.” Seohyun exclaimed that she didn’t want to leave and didn’t know what to do.

She came outside again bowed goodbye. Yonghwa exclaimed, “Not just that kind of bye.” They hugged for the last time. They kept waving to each other so that they wouldn’t see each other’s backs.

Everything was good up to here, but almost abruptly they moved on to the Nickhun and Victoria couple. I literally sat there and thought to myself what the…… It wasn’t a really good finish in my honest opinion. They should have ended with the Goguma couple instead of finishing with the Nickhun and Victoria couple to give a stronger effect. Anyways faithful Gogumas, have no fear because the next recaps will start back from day 1! Our journey is not at its end =). 

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