KARA’s Goo Hara Calls Lee Min Ho an Old Man?!

On tonight’s episode of “Strong Heart,” KARA’s Goo Hara will confess that she calls Lee Min Ho ajusshi. Normally, the term ajusshi is used to call someone who is a lot older than you – a sort of uncle figure. Goo Hara’s statement surprised everyone because Lee Min Ho is only four years older; and typically, the term oppa is more widely used for those smaller age gaps.

Goo Hara said, “Lee Min Ho is busy filming with Park Min Young and having a great time.” She continued, “Truthfully, I call Lee Min Ho ajusshi even though he’s only four years older than me.” She further explained her reasons for calling Lee Min Ho ajusshi and revealed that she first met him through Kim Hyun Joong while they were filming “Boys Before Flowers” in 2009. Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, and Goo Hara are currently busy filming their upcoming drama “City Hunter,” which airs its pilot episode on May 25th.

This upcoming episode of “Strong Heart” is also generating a lot of anticipation because of the preview that showed the five girls of KARA shedding tears as they finally speak out about their emotional journeys during the past few months surrounding the controversies.

Preview of tonight’s episode of “Strong Heart”