B2ST’s First Album “Fiction and Fact” Dominates Music Charts

B2ST’s comeback has shaken the K-Pop world and showed just how popular and powerful the group is.

At 0:00 a.m in Korean time, “Fiction and Fact” was released. Including the title track, “Fiction” there are eight other new tracks. For the morning of May 17th many of the songs on the track have dominated different music charts often appearing on the top.

On Cyworld’s real-time music chart, “Fiction” was number one. Also, “Fact,” “On a day that Rains,” “U,” “Freeze,” “Back to you,” “Although I Call you,” and “Virus” were all within the top ten at a time.

On different music charts, “Fiction” is currently battling 2NE1’s “Lonely” for the number 1 spot.

Cube Entertainment stated, “B2ST has released their first official album after an year and 6 months of their debut, they have completed an album that shows off their strong color and melodical charm.

Click the link to watch their music video for “Fiction.”