SNSD’s Jessica Takes Her First Shot at a Drama O.S.T

SNSD’s Jessica tries singing a drama O.S.T for the first time. The title of the track is, “Tears are Overflowing” and it is an O.S.T for KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Romance Town.

This track will be released on May 18th, and it is a sad ballad that features Jessica’s emotional vocals. This is a different direction for Jessica, as she has usually had an up-beat happy-go-lucky feel for her songs. It has been said that when Jessica finished recording the song, she filled the song with her emotions.

This song will begin playing on the third episode of “Romance Town,” which will be broadcast on May 18th.

“Romance Town” itself has gained a lot of attention through Sung Yuri and Jung Kyu Woon’s appearance. SNSD on the other hand is currently performing their song “Mr. Taxi” which is a big hit.