G-Dragon on Leg Injury “I’m Fine, You Don’t Have to Worry!”

G-Dragon alleviated the worries of fans by directly telling them that he was doing ok. G-Dragon is currently on tour in Japan with other Big Bang members. However, on May 14th during a Chiba concert in Japan he sprained his leg. However, he fought through the pain and still continued on with the next concert the next day on May 15th.

After that concert he told Star News, “It’s not a big injury, so you don’t’ have to worry too much,” “My body is fine so you can take it easy,” in a bright voice and continued to repeat that he was fine. “I don’t have problems moving,” and “I will try to give you a great performance for the remaining days of the Japanese tour.”

The PD of “Infinity Challenge” Kim Tae Ho reported on the concert for May 16th through twitter, “Today G-Dragon had a cast on his right foot but the concert was still one of the best,” “I respect him very much.

Big Bang’s Japanese tour continues in Nagoya from May 17th to May 19th