Hyori Targets Summer for New Album Release

Hyori may release her new album as early as this June, her agency told local media today. “Hyori’s new album could get released as early as this summer. It will most likely be a mini album,” her agency B2M Entertainment told Star News. “There are always some uncertainties when producing a new album, so it could possibly get delayed. But we’re expecting to see her new album by this year,” the agency added. The production crew said they are still in the process of choosing the right tracks for Hyori’s new album, but they haven’t yet decided on the overall genre either. Hyori, in the mean time, tweeted this image (below) on Sunday with the caption, “We are currently recording, with Guana (in reference to the dog)~” (see below), hinting the new album production has already started.


This new album would be Hyori’s fifth since turning solo in 2003. Her last album “H-Logic” in 2010, however, stirred some controversy for being accused of plagiarizing foreign songs. Hyori was the co-producer of the whole album but it was later revealed that nearly half of the tracks were plagiarized, damaging her reputation as a music producer. It’s unknown what her new album will sound like this time, but it should be a great opportunity to redeem herself and prove her musical talent.