Rain and Se7en Exchange Amusing Tweets

Rain and Se7en had an amusing conversation over Twitter last night. Rain first asked on his Twitter page, “What’s the best type of dog to raise indoors?” Moments later, Se7en responded with a picture he put together of Rain and a puppy that looks like a breed of dachshund (image below), saying, “You should get this dog! A dog that looks exactly like you!” As you can see in the picture, Se7en’s playful comment was a joke making fun of Rain’s small eyes.

Rain later replied, “We should go back to high school. Meet me outside!” Se7en then answered, “Oh! Brother, please no…I apologize. You bullied me enough in high school.” The funny conversation came to an end with Rain saying, “What? When did I?…I was the nicest to you~people are going to have wrong ideas T.T”

Rain and Se7en both went to An Yang High School of Arts. Rain is a class older than Se7en but they are known to be good friends for a long time. Rain seemed a bit ticked off at Se7en’s comment, but honestly the picture’s so adorable who would mind being called that dog?