Goo Hara “Might Hear That My Acting is Horrible, but Will Try My Best”

It is always difficult for idol stars to enter acting. The public usually ends up discussing about whether the idol star’s acting was sufficient or even has the right to act. Goo Hara launches her acting debut with SBS’s “City Hunter” and instead of worrying about what the public will say about her acting she decided to show her determination.

Goo Hara stated at the “City Hunter” press conference, “I might hear that my acting is horrible.” (She uses the Korean phrase “Foot acting” to depict horrible acting) “But, I’ve always had strong interest in acting and have decided to act knowing that I might receive criticism. If my acting deserves criticism I will accept the scolding and try to improve.

Goo Hara will be playing the role of “Daehae” who is the youngest daughter of the president in “City Hunter.” The original “City Hunter” was a Japanese manga set in the 1980s. The new Wednesday-Thursday TV show will have Lee Min Ho as the main character and the setting will be contemporary Seoul.