Heechul’s Grandmother thought Hwangbo would be her granddaughter-in-law

Super Junior member Heechul’s grandmother thought that Hwangbo would be her granddaughter in law. On May 18th for the variety show “Sweet Hometown Outing,” Heechul visited his hometown “Hweng Sung” and visited his grandmother. On this episode Heechul’s grandmother said, “I hope my grandson (Heechul) gets married soon.”

She continued by saying, “In the past on X-man I remember Heechul hugging Hwangbo in a game,” “I’m a person with traditional values and even when one holds another person’s hand I think that person is responsible for the other person’s life, I thought Hwangbo would be my granddaughter in law.

Heechul is currently an emcee on “Radio Star” while Hwangbo was the leader and rapper of former girl group Chakra