KBS Releases Official Statement Regarding JYJ’s Ban from TV Shows

KBS has released an official statement regarding their TV ban on JYJ today. On the “Online Office Producer’s Q&A” forum, KBS officials responded to a request asking for a clear explanation on why JYJ’s not being seen on their TV shows.

The officials said, “JYJ is currently involved in an on-going lawsuit with their former management agency. KBS is trying to remain an objective standpoint on the whole situation, but it is generally understood when celebrities are involved in legal disputes, we limit their appearances because it could possibly influence the outcome of the lawsuit.”

It continued, “It looks like JYJ has submitted a request to nullify their existing contract with the former agency hence allowing them to temporarily participate in individual activities. But JYJ has signed another contract with a new agency, and so they are currently under a dual contract.”

“Therefore, for these reasons, KBS has decided if JYJ continues with TV appearances, they could possibly raise further legal problems, and damage the overall growth and system of the country’s cultural industry. So until JYJ and their agency solve their legal disputes, we will not allow any of their TV appearances. Future casting and appearances will be determined according to court decisions,” it added.

Recently, fans have raised questions to KBS’s position on JYJ. They asked why JYJ are not appearing on TV shows, and why they’ve been excluded from K-Chart rankings. Their lawsuit with SM Entertainment is not over yet, but on Feb. 17th the Seoul Central Court ruled SME has no rights or exclusivity to JYJ’s contract.


Source: Newsen via Nate