Adventures of PSY and Sung Si Kyung

Sung Si Kyung and PSY were from the same highschool and also were together for a time during their military services. They also debuted on the same year: 2000. Sung Si Kyung appeared on “Golden Fishery” for the show broadcast on May 18th and talked about a hilarious incident with PSY.

When Sung Si Kyung was released from the military, PSY bought him a plane ticket for Hong Kong. Sung Si Kyung said that “PSY is very gentle and has a warm heart.” They went to Hong Kong together.

Sung Si Kyung admitted that, “PSY as you know doesn’t have looks that would gain him much respect and he doesn’t appear ‘classy’ per say.” Therefore, Sung Si Kyung believes that Psy seems to be treated rudely at hotels or restaurants because of his looks. However, PSY loves this treatment because then he has something to fight about.

Sung Si Kyung talked about one incident at Hong Kong in a large hotel restaurant. Psy was trying to figure out if they could move to a better seat at the terrace. A waiter passed by and spilled beer on Sun Si Kyung’s back. The waiter was shocked and apologized as he left.

PSY at that moment said, “I think this is an excellent opportunity.” PSY called the manager over and said, “Right now a waiter just spilled beer over my fan’s back.

Psy used words to exaggerate the incident. Then they got the best seats of the house, and proceeded to drink 14 bottles of wine together PSy style.

Sung Si Kyung said that Psy doesn’t seem like the type that would say kind words much, but he surprises me often with these memorable acts.

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