Heechul Sucks at Emceeing?

This is what Soompi.com learned from May 18th’s episode of “Golden Fishery: Radiostar.”

It seems that the CEO of CN Blue’s entertainment agency made up lyrics for that part (dari dari dara doo). The emcees made fun of the song but Yonghwa said that it is kind of like jazz “Scat” therefore making the song have its own flavor and style.


They were briefly talking about the Korean rock band “Baekdusan” that also appeared on this episode. Heechul called the main vocals “Baekdusan Shi,” which sounds like a comic book character. Heechul asked CN Blue if they had any ways of calling themselves out to the crowd, “What’s my name?” All the other emcees began to give Heechul a hard time and Baekdusan exclaimed, “How is he (Heechul) sitting as an emcee, when he emcees like that?” (Basically he said that Heechul sucks)

Heechul then did a silly joke saying, “What kind of flower am I?” “Jung Young Hwa” (Here “Hwa” is the Korean word that is the Chinese character for flower.” Baekdusan once again exclaimed, “How is Heechul an emcee?


They talked about Yonghwa and how he has a habit of licking his lips, Heechul asked if this was done deliberately for the fans. He already had this habit and the fans seemed to love it.

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