2PM Nickhun’s Face Appears Smaller Than a CD

2PM Nickhun’s CD-sized face has been a hot topic lately. On Wednesday night, a group photo of 2PM was posted on a local online community. In this photo, 2PM is seen with Japanese female singer Arisa Mizuki after appearing on NHK’s “Music Japan” together. They appear to have exchanged CDs with each other too.

But what really caught the attention of a lot of fans is the ridiculously tiny face of Nickhun. He’s holding a CD right below his face with a big smile yet there doesn’t appear to be much of a size difference between the CD and his face—it actually appears to be bigger than his face!


After seeing the photo, fans have commented, “It looks like Nickhun’s face is going to disappear,” “It took me a while to find Nickhun,” and “What kind of face is smaller than a CD.”

Meanwhile, 2PM wrapped up their first Japanese Tour last week and released their Japanese debut single “Take Off” on May 18th.

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Source: TV Daily via Nate