Fans will Name B2ST’s “Fiction” Dance

Fans will Name B2ST’s “Fiction” Dance

What do Kara’s “Butt Dance” and SNSD’s “Arrow Dance” have in common? Besides the fact that the dances are very iconic, both dances have catchy names!

B2ST’s first official album is very successful and now they are giving a chance for fans to name their “highlight” dance! As one can see on the music video for “Fiction” there is a dance part for the main part of the song.

According to Cube Entertainment, fans can go on to the B2st official website or the tweets of any of the members and give a name for that part of the dance. Out of the different names given one will be chosen as the final name for that dance.

An individual within Cube Entertainment said on May 18th, “There were names for the dance that were chosen within the company, however because fans gave so many diverse and creative opinions we decided to leave it up to the fans.”

Currently the website requires registration with a Korean registration number, so Soompiers should go on the tweets of B2st members.


Source: Star News