“Romantic Guy” Alex Releases New Track “Same Dream”

“Romantic Guy” Alex of Clazziquai will release his second album on May 24th. Before the album will be officially released on several different music websites (May 19th) his single “Same Dream” was released ahead of time and is currently receiving a lot of attention by fans.

This song is written and produced by Kim Dong Ryul, who is a top notch veteran singer in South Korea. The reason why the single is receiving so much attention is because it is a synthesis between Alex who was famous for his single “Like a Child” in 2009, and Kim Dong Ryul.

On Alex’s Tweeter he stated, “We have first released the single ‘Same Dream’ that was written by Kim Dong Ryul Hyung, ‘Du Gun Du Gun (Heartbeat sound)… Soon official release.

On May 24th Alex’s second official album “Just Like Me” will be released and on May 23rd his teaser MV will be released. 

Here is “Same Dream”: