Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yeon & ZE:A’s KwangHee in the Bathroom Together?

Jewelry released a behind-the-scenes photo for their new music video.

Jewelry’s member Ha Joo Yeon tweeted on May 18th, “During a break during the PASS MV Teaser. With Baby Kwanghee & Baby Jjoo. Habjung heels paparachi 3!!!! Series Where are we? Bathroom! Whereever Habjung Heels fashionistas take a picture it becomes a photo album! Stay tuned for the next Habjung heels series 4!!” and posted a picture of her and ZE:A’s Kwang Hee.

The picture seems to be one out of a series where they have taken photos together!

Both Ha Joo Yeon and Kwanghee have expressions of fashion models, while Kwanghee seems to be acting like he is spiderman?

Jewelery will perform “Pass” on May 20th’s “Music Bank.”