49 Days: Scheduler Jung Il Woo Final Thoughts

Actor Jung Il Woo who played the contemporary “Death” or “Grim Reaper” as a scheduler gave his finishing thoughts on the drama.

All filming wrapped up on the early morning of May 19th (South Korea time). He said, “Already the last episode, I can’t believe it. Although I played the role of the scheduler that took care of travellers on 49 days, I feel like I was the traveller.” “Although the time was pretty hectic, now that I am finished with the journey I have a feeling of content and accomplishment. Through this drama I felt the significance of life and also it made me re-think life and death.

He continued, “The role of the scheduler was a chaellenge for me and an adventure, but I changed my acting mode to ‘enjoy the scheduler X100” and enjoyed the role.

Also, “While acting I felt like I was one with both the scheduler and Song Lee Soo, I shared all the emotions from happiness, pain, fun, and sadness together. I really loved this drama more than anything else I had before, and I only hope that I will be able to show a different and good side whatever role I get next.

49 Days has currently ended, and if you want to learn about the ending go here. Now starting from next week, “City Hunter” will take over the time slot!


Source: Star News