City Hunter: Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young Coffee Date

Lee Min Ho plays the role of “Lee Yoon Seung” who is the equivalent of Ryo Saeba of the comic/anime series while Park Min Young plays Kim Nana who is a presidential bodyguard. As you can see through the photo stills, both characters are wet and trying to dry off under the warm sunlight.

Park Min Young gives Lee Minho a cup of coffee while she is smiling. Both are silent looking in different directions.

This is one of the dates that they have been shown as previews for “City Hunter,” ranging from “Love Judo,” “Kiss Scene,” “Water Fountain Date,” and now a “Coffee date.”

Currently the stills of the “Coffee Date” are being described as looking like a scene from a Coffee CF. The production team stated, “There weren’t many lines but it left lingering imagery, and the scene can be seen as a moment where the two characters connect.”

The drama depicts how the main character develops into the main character within the City Hunter of the comic/anime series. It tries to show warm human love through the sincere interpersonal relationships. Also, for those who have had lots of pain and suffering and hang on to hope, the drama seeks out to give small relieve and satisfaction.