[Recap] We Got Married Episode 27 (Goguma First Episode)

This is episode 27 of WGM and the first episode for the Goguma couple

Because this was the first episode of the Goguma couple, Seohyun had a 1:1 interview where she talked about the reason behind her appearing on We Got Married. She was shocked at the fact that she had already turned twenty. It was about time for her to start thinking about marriage. Thus, she appeared on We Got Married she wanted to experience and learn more about marriage.

The first scene was of Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Seohyun together in their van. Seohyun confessed that she had a boyfriend, then a husband, and finally admitted to appearing on We Got Married.

Next was a scene showing who the husband was, Yonghwa of CN Blue of course.

When it was time for the two to meet for the first time, Yonghwa decided to play a prank on Seohyun. Another member pretended like he was the actual husband. Then they played a game where Seohyun had to pick out who the real husband was, she picked out Yonghwa correctly.

The couple had conversations within the van on their way to Yonghwa’s recording studio. It was pretty hilarious to see the two at it again, they were so awkward at first. Comparing with the later episodes, one can tell that they really got close in the end.

Seohyun brought out a diary containing the list of things to ask Yonghwa. The interesting question was “Which individual do you admire the most?” Yonghwa answered Bon Jovi and Seohyun Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General. Yonghwa asked Seohyun why it was Ban Ki Moon and she began to go on and on about that, which bored Yonghwa. (-_-;)

Seohyun displayed sides of her that were established on other variety shows as being very bright and also a straight arrow.

They entered the studio for the first time. Yonghwa seemed excited because he was sharing the place where he spent a lot of time preparing for CN Blue! Once they sat down Yonghwa commented that Seohyun was a difficult person to get close to, Seohyun replied in the negative saying, “Once you get to know me, it’s easier.” Yonghwa was trying to move Seohyun’s bag and it was really heavy. It contained a diary, book (Another self-help book >_<), water bottle, digital camera, snacks, and traditional Korean medicine.

Yonghwa was trying to make conversation asking Seohyun what she felt when he had played the prank on her, and the atmosphere was very awkward. ( T_T;;;;;)

Seohyun asked Yonghwa what her first impression was. Yonghwa paused at first and she seemed very interested. Yonghwa started off by saying, “I like Taeyeon’s personality of Seohyun.” But, he said that Seohyun has her own charm. Seohyun in her 1:1 interview said she doesn’t know what to think about Yonghwa.

Yonghwa asked Seohyun, “Let’s use Banmal.” (Informal Korean dialect) She said no because she was uncomfortable. Yonghwa asked Seohyun what he should do for her, and she asked him to play the guitar. Once Yonghwa left the room, both of them let out a long sigh. They didn’t know what to do about the situation because they didn’t have much to talk about and everything was awkward.

He brought out a table, tangerines, crackers, and his guitar. Yonghwa peeled the tangerines for Seohyun.

Tomorrow they would be appearing on KBS Music Bank together so Yonghwa asked what they should call each other. Seohyun decided to call him, “Yong…. Yong.” They started laughing as they would call each other “Yo~Ong, and Hyu~Un.” Seohyun still seemed uncomfortable. (keke)

Yonghwa started to play the guitar and Seohyun began to nod her head up and down.

Yonghwa asked Seohyun if she could play the guitar, she couldn’t, and he offered to teach her. She seemed intrigued. (Also a great idea to get close to a girl ;).Yonghwa began to teach her how to play chords and he was lightly touching her fingers. Finally they were hitting it off!

Yonghwa had made a heart with a straw for her, and she said “thank you” in a very formal way. (Atleast they were both giggling afterwards)

Yonghwa asked Seohyun, “Have you ever had a boyfriend before?” She said, “No.” Then he asked, “Have you ever liked somebody?” she replied “no.”

In his 1:1 interview, Yonghwa said that he’s never met somebody so pure and innocent like a white paper. Yonghwa began to talk about his first love (puppy love) who was in elementary school. Seohyun exclaimed, “I don’t know what the difference between love and crushing.”

Suddenly Seohyun asked Yonghwa, “Do you like Gogumas?” Yonghwa replied, “Yes I Do.” Seohyun said, “I really like Gogumas.” Of course, this was said for her fellow SNSD members. Yonghwa didn’t know and was told in his 1:1 interview, he cutely said, “I didn’t know there was such a deep meaning behind goguma, I’m going to love gogumas forever now.”

They started playing the Goguma game and soon afterwards she asked him to sing a song that he likes to play on his own. He played/sang “Falling Slowly” superbly! (Lyrics were off sometimes keke) The episode ended with the both of them taking a picture together.

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