SS501’s Park Jung Min Tweets His Weekend Schedule

Where will he be tomorrow and tomorrow AND tomorrow? The Twittersphere already knows and it is time for you to find out! On May 20th, Team Jung Min (aka CNR Media reps) tweeted the Singer/Stage Actor’s upcoming schedule this weekend on and off the screen!

Check out their itinerary tweets below: 

“This Saturday, 5/21, Jung Min will be shooting a series of promotional photos for the fashion site ( of South Korea’s biggest on-line bookstore YES24Further on 5/21, MNET Japan will be broadcasting the second episode of “Park Jung Min – Love in Asia” TV Special. Don’t forget to tune in �de42 This Sunday, 5/22, Jung Min will be recording for a Korean TV Drama OST. Let’s look forward to it!”

Where will you be this weekend? 


Credits: @JungMin0403 and Park Jung Min’s Official Facebook Page