10 Women's Fashion Styles Guys Absolutely Detest

Celebrities can pull off any style looking absolutely gorgeous, and the fashion industry pumps out new trends every season. However, some trends we absolutely adore, just don’t hit it with the men in our lives. What girls and guys consider attractive and stylish are completely different, and it couldn’t be more true for the following fashion styles. Here are ten female fashion styles guys absolutely detest! 


Actress Seo Woo in checkered leggings

 One fashion style guys cannot stand is girls wearing leggings. They don’t mind it as much when girls layer it under miniskirts or shorts, but they hate it when girls go outside wearing only leggings. When worn alone, leggings reveal every lump and roll. Not to mention, they remind both guys and girls of long johns, and when was that ever considered attractive? 

Power Shoulder Jackets  

Actress Yoon Eun Hye in a black power shoulder jacket for her drama “Please Take Care of the Lady”

The extra emphasis on the shoulders of jackets gives females a sense of strength and femininity. However, guys feel unease about the unnaturally robust jackets we consider stylish. Such formed jackets arouse images of female football players. Additionally, guys want to be able to hold the girls tightly in their arms, and the huge shoulders only get in the way. 

Gladiator Shoes 

Actress Jung Ryeo Won in black gladiator boots at the premiere of movie “Moss”

 Sure, gladiator shoes are a must have summer item – they’re comfy, light, and nifty; but guys hate it and will say it’s outright ugly. While they come in different styles, from sandals to heels, they remind you of Russell Crowe in his blockbuster movie “Gladiator.” Some men claimed that the shoes make the girls look like they were about to go out hunting, and that the flat strappy sandals make the girls’ legs look  short and stumpy. They also take ages to put on and take off. 

Harem Pants   

Actress Park Han Byul in a floral harem pants/jumpsuit 

I’m a girl, and I find this fashion pretty ridiculous. So imagine how mortified guys will be.  They may be comfortable, but it seems like you just couldn’t wait to go to the bathroom and just cr**ped in your pants. It hides your figure, it looks unflattering, and it seems as if you decided to wear your fourth grade Halloween costume out – here comes Genie!  For those of you who remember the 90s, it’ll also remind you of M.C Hammer. “U can’t touch this, oh-oh oh oh-oh-oh-oh, break it down, Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh, stop Hammer time!~”

Military Looks

Actress Shin Min Ah in a military jacket

 Military enlistment systems differ by country, but every healthy South Korean man is obliged to complete a mandatory 2 year military service. Hence,  whether they’ve discharged from the military, or still have to register, men are repelled from anything that is related to the olive green, black, and khaki color scheme. A man in uniform might turn a girl on, but the opposite is not the case for men from countries with the draft. If you like military looks so much, why not sign up for the army and make your country proud?

Smoky Eye Makeups

Actress Gong Hyo Jin sheds her innocent image with a sexy smokey make up

Dark, thick, smokey make-up are sexy and mysterious on our favorite celebrities, and we’ve all tried it at one point in our lives. It’s great for special occasions, but too heavy as a daily look. And while it depends on the person, most guys don’t like too much makeup and prefer women to look as close to natural as possible. 

Platform Shoes

Singer Seo In Young showing love for her shoes once more with platform sneakers

It’s a comfortable alternative to kill heels,  but the clumpy shoes are downright unfeminine. Additionally, most women are seen wobbling as they sadly try to find their balance as they walk.  The four/five-inch soles just scream flower power and remind you of the good-ol hippie days in the 70s. 

Princess Looks

Actress Kim Tae Hee dressed in laces for “My Princess”

Guys don’t like it when girls dress too princessy – and by that I mean going overboard with laces, ruffles, ribbons, and a lot of pink. Sure, men find it attractive when girls look feminine and delicate. It brings out their protective instincts, but some Asian fashions take it a little too far out, as if a lace factory exploded. So girls, if your going to dress girly, you might want to tone it down by matching it with something casual. 


Actress Im Soo Jung in Uggs 

Many men, and even some women, describe the comfortable yet big and bulky boots as plain old UGGly! They keep your feet nice and toasty, but don’t expect guys to fall head over heals when he sees you wearing furry paws. It’s one thing to wear them for warmth, but when they become a  fashionable wear all  year long, it’s unflattering. Plus, some say they smell extremely funky!

Oversized Sunglasses

Actress Kim Ha Neul in black oversized sunglasses

“Bug-eyed” and “alien-like” are just a few descriptions of the oversized sunglasses we consider chic. Eyes are one of women’s best facial features, so why cover them? Oh, I can think of several reasons why we wear them! 1) They add glamour. 2) They hide tired and baggy eyes. 3) They give complete coverage from harmful UV rays, dusts, and other irritants. 4) They’re the finishing touches of any fashion. 5) And they can be worn year round.  However, guys just don’t get it, and feel uncomfortable talking to what seems like a human-sized mantis.  

It’s a scientific fact that women and men think differently, and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to fashion. While women try their best to keep up with the fashion trends, men just can’t stand some of the “strange” things we hold dear to. I, for one, cannot give up my oversized sunglasses no matter what guys think. However, we can’t completely disregard how our fashion antics are viewed by the opposite sex.  After all, the entire craze with fashion is to appear appealing to others and, of course, to make ourselves happier. What about all you female soompiers? What do you think?

Stay tuned for Part 2: Men Fashion Styles Gals Absolutely Detest!

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