Celeb Style File: Jang Geun Suk

Celeb Style File is our weekly in-depth look at a celebrity’s real-life style.  This week, we’ve chosen to feature our first male star, the mesmerizingly photogenic Jang Geun Suk, who most recently starred in the hit drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night”.  Here we look at his public appearances during the past year.

When we received the request to feature Jang Geun Suk, we initially thought to ourselves, “Oh no!  How can we say anything remotely kind about this guy’s fashion sense when we’ve only ever seen him going out looking like a crazy colorblind man who possesses neither full control of mental faculties nor a hairbrush?”  Don’t get us wrong; we know as well as anyone how good he looks in dramas, but in real life, he consistently struck us as having a rather disheveled appearance.  But just to give it a fair shot, we pulled up some pictures from his appearances during the past year.  And, to be sure, there were some images that made us cringe.  (For example, is he wearing a black bra underneath a tight see-through top at the Samsung Galaxy Player event?  Because that’s absolutely what it looks like, and don’t try to tell us that we’re seeing things.)  But we actually had to reconsider our former stance, because we also found a lot of pictures where he looked HOT!  Even when he leaves his long hair falling all over his eyes, there’s just no hiding those phenomenal good looks.  Oh wait, we’re here to talk about his fashion, aren’t we?  Ahem.

Anyway, check out the tight acid-washed jeans, the furry leopard-print blazer, and the pea-green pants that manage to be both baggy and tight at the same time.  Now, you may (or may not) question his decision to wear patterned scarves that look like something found in your mother’s closet, but consider this: Jang Geun Suk is a heartthrob beloved by teenyboppers worldwide.  You’d expect him to dress kind of… obviously.  Someone in his position only has to pull on a matching outfit from any high-end clothing boutique, and all the pieces to complete the much-admired pretty-boy persona would fall into place.  But he doesn’t, because he’s not about being a pretty boy.  He’s clearly a guy who’s not afraid to push the envelope and try new things.  And he looks devastatingly cool doing it.  (Most of the time.  We’re withholding judgment on the man-bra.) 


The basketball jersey was for an event, but the style is his own!

Isn’t having Moon Geun Young on your arm like the best fashion accessory ever? ^_^

Favorite outfit: We can’t deny our preference for clean-cut styles, so Jang Geun Suk in the black suit and tie has us almost literally melting in our seat.  But we actually think he looks pretty cool in most of his outfits.  We’re starting to come around and see what he’s really about, and we like it!

Least favorite outfit: Does it even need to be said? T_T

As always, if you have suggestions for celebrities to feature, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate!  See you next weekend!

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