Kahi Cries Discussing Leadership Difficulties

“Being the leader was so hard”

What brought about this confession from After School’s leader Kahi?

Appearing on tvN’s “50 Million Fantastic Questions” the group talked about hardships, including Bekah leaving, and it was the first variety show appearance for member E-Young. During the topic of hardships, it was mentioned that Kahi must have encountered some hardships of being leader of the group, especially considering the level of fame the group has reached. Nothing in life comes without some struggles and this is certainly the case for Kahi.

Unable to hold back her emotions, Kahi teared up as she was evidently reminiscing in her mind about what she had encountered as a leader. Not wanting to keep it all secret, she then commented saying,

“Honestly, a while back, there was so much consequences to carry as the leader, and the position of leader became very hard. But lately, I’ve let go of some of the burdens and have taken my members hand-in-hand to get rid of the hardships together.

The time I had to wait to become a singer was long, and so more than anyone else, I suffered from the obsessions of having to be successful.”

As leader of a group you are supposed to keep morale high, to keep people in line, and everyone looks to you as a figure of strength. As a growing group it must have been hard on Kahi shouldering lots of responsibility and she talks of consequences as a leader, which didn’t seem to be easy for her. Luckily, as After School has grown and has created solo opportunities for members as well a side project Orange Caramel, all the members have grown together and can now assist each other when things get hard.

But do not worry it was not all sadness and tears as you will see in the picture below, Kahi did smile, showing she has strength and the adoring support of the other group members who claimed, “By helping leader Kahi-unnie, we will turn into a more tightly-knit girl ensemble.”

Source: Newsen/Nate via Khmer Star

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