Jo In Sung to Appear on Infinity Challenge?

Lissang’s Gil revealed that Jo In Sung was on the set for filming for MBC’s “Infinity Challenge.” On May 22th Gil revealed on his twitter titled, “Jo In Sung are you watching?” It said, “He was watching, Why? This guy.. He’s breathtaking. I wish I could live with Jo In Sung’s visuals for just one day.. Just one day… can’t you we work something out?” The twitter included a picture.

In the photo Jo In Sung is whacking Gil on the head with his fist. Netizens were wondering if this was a potential spoiler. Jo In Sung’s agency stated, “Jo In Sung is a fan of Infinity Challenge, he was thankful for what ‘Infinity Challenge’ did for him on the day of his military release and joined as a guest/visitor.” “On this day, he met the members and said hello and also learned about adjusting.” (I bet adjusting here means adjusting to civilian life)