Sistar19 Does Not Mean “Restricted to 19 and Above”

Sistar’s unit group Sistar19 explained the meaning of their name. On MBC’s “Quiz to Change the WorldPark Mi Sun introduced Sistar19 saying, “Because there was 19 I thought it means, anyone under 19 prohibited.” (In Korea instead of PG-13, PG, or Rated R, Koreans use age: 15. 19 etc. Above 19 Only is commonly used for very explicit content) Sistar19 said, “Many people think this way but it is a misunderstanding.

Sistar19’s Bora said, “We use the name 19 in order to express the emotions of a girl who is in between the line of being a girl and becoming a woman.

Then on the show Sistar19 showed off their chair dance. Although embarrassing to admit, I also thought that was what Sistar19 meant Oops! >_<