Jun Ji-Hyun Interview at Cannes

Jun Ji Hyun became the blue chip for Korean cinema after her film “My Sassy Girl” ten years ago. 3 years ago she gave her try at a new market, with the film “Blood” she began her overseas film career. She put her fame as a Korean top star behind her and started from scratch again. She began to learn everything anew. She thought her chemistry with her co-star and also sought a new direction as an actress.

Currently, Jun Ji-Hyun is at a new starting point. At the 64th International Cannes Festival she gave her hello to the whole world. With the film “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” she has moved beyond Korea to become a star of Asia.

Jun Ji-Hyun is currently being born again as a star. In that process she is discarding all the misconceptions surrounding her. Mysterious, CF model, and stuck-up actress… In order to get rid of these misconceptions she is humbling herself.

Dispatch met with Jun Ji-Hyun on the 16th and gave an interview.

*Jun Ji Hyun is a Strong Heart? (Never gets nervous, is ironclad etc.)

No, Jun Ji hyun also gets nervous. The only reason she is so adept at big stages is because of her concern for her staff. This red carpet at Cannes is no exception. Her demeanor was relaxed and it comes as a shock that it was her first time. The reason she was so adept is because of her concern for the staff that planned her style for 2~3 months.

I was nervous, I didn’t know if I had done well or not. But, the thought that was passing through my mind was that ‘There was so much preparation involved, I can’t rush this.” If I could, I wanted to stay longer. When the red carpet guide rushed me saying “Madamousielle” I was embarrassed but did not show it. If it ended too soon, then it would be a shame.

As a result Jun Ji-Hyun was a goddess at Cannes. Many other reporters said, “Is it really this person’s first time on Cannes?” For Jun Ji-Hyun this was a meaningful experience. As an actress she gained more ambition. Jun ji Hyun said, “I want to act well. I want to step on the Cannes red carpet with a film I am appearing in.

*Jun Ji-Hyun is mysterious? (Mysterious Concept)

This was merely prejudice. At the least she discarded mysteriousness purely for the purpose of a mysterious concept. She was not afraid of exposing herself. This was true at Cannes. She freely walked the streets and enjoyed the eyes of other people. She said, “The weather is so nice. I want to get tanned and also walk along the beach.

In reality Jun Ji-Hyun is very free. Chung Dam Dong is her main stage. She usually comes out in casual attire with barely any makeup. At times fans ask that Jun Ji-Hyun would maintain her mysterious concept. When she works, she enjoys working itself. She enjoys working and also the energetic atmosphere.

I am not the type to hide on purpose. I want to enjoy everything naturally. Today I was like that too. I walked from my hotel to the interview place. That in itself was enjoyable. I am also thankful for the fact that I can eat in a foreign atmosphere.

*Jun Ji-Hyun is a star that is not an actress?

This is actually half and half. However, Jun Ji-Hyun is currently taking steps to become an actress. She is persistently acting and having varied experiences in order to have the qualifications of a true actress. Jun Ji-Hyun coldly criticizes her own self, and her acting.

Honestly, I can’t say that I acted in a way that was satisfactory for me. But I did gain confidence. Currently at my status, it was a great experience. I am a bit more relaxed and it was an opportunity to look back on my life. I think this opportunity was for me to improve as a better actress and a better person.

This was probably due to Wayne Wang’s influence. (Director of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan) Jun Ji-Hyun described him as being “special.” “He is a person that can bring out hidden talents of actors/actresses. He creates an atmosphere where an actor/actress can be comfortable, and brings out good sides. I thought to myself amazed, ‘Wow there are directors like this in the world.

*Jun Ji-Hyun is Stuck Up?

No. The truth was actually the opposite. She didn’t even seem fazed by this misconception. Jun Ji-Hyun stated, “In the process of bringing out my best conditions these kinds of misconceptions and prejudices could be made.” “Even if I was judged as a good person because I was not stuck up it still would be embarrassing.

Jun Ji-Hyun seemed very comfortable and confident. The film “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” was probably a lot of help. During the filming of the movie the Korean star Jun Ji-Hyun disappeared. That’s why she got a chance to rethink her life. Also, she got a chance to check over things she never saw and missed.

“It was a chance for me to look back at my life. I stepped back into the shoes of a beginner and looked around me once more. The native star when we filmed in China was Li Bing Bing. Observing her and the influence she has around her I thought to myself, ‘In these moments I should to this,’ ‘This is the way I could make others more comfortable.’”


*Jun Ji-Hyun only wants to act in  foreign films?

It was a misconception. Jun Ji-Hyun was not the type of person that would be lazy over appearing in films. Since 2008 she has been a part of a project once per year. But, because of foreign filming and movie release delays there was an empty period. She considered such misconceptions as unfortunate and stifling.

I actually had an acting role every year. But, the release time didn’t match up and there was an empty period that became prolonged. It’s not that I either don’t consider Korean movies significant, only want to act in foreign films, don’t think about acting, or don’t like working. These misconceptions are quite unfortunate.

Director Choi Dong Hoon’s film “Thieves” is a chance for her to get rid of this misconception. She also got the chance to enjoy acting. She said, “The reason why good actors/actresses decided to appear is because the characters were alive. I am no different. Even here at Cannes I am waiting for filming” and showed her passion as an actress.

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