S.E.S Eugene “Still Haven’t Picked Out My Wedding Dress”

Eugene from the past girl group S.E.S, shyly stated, “I have yet to pick out my wedding dress.” On May 23rd at 2pm at Sunsang Café which is around Jamwon in Seoul, Eugene held a “Eugene’s Get-It Beauty” (Her Book) release/Marriage with Ki Tae Young press conference.

“Eugene’s Get-It Beauty” is a manual containing beauty information and makeup techniques that were shown on Onstyle’s program of the same name.

Regarding her marriage and beauty points that will be held on July 23rd she said, “There is nothing that is set yet,” “I have to pick out a wedding dress but I still haven’t yet.

Also, a question was asked whether there would be any tips on makeup for the bride. She replied, “There aren’t any tips on makeup for brides but there are makeup tips for bridesmaids or guests.

Eugene will be holding her marriage with Ki Tae Young at a church in Kyunggido. 

Source: Star News