Son Dambi “Ice Skating, Still a Long Way to Go…”

Son Dambi gave her thoughts on the first episode of “Kim Yu-Na’s Kiss and Cry.

This is what Son Dambi said on her twitter on May 22nd at 7pm, “Although my skating skills are still mediocre I will strive to show you a better performance! Everyone’s was so memorable. Although we have a long way to go, everyone fighting! Kiss and Cry Fighting!

Netizens have said, “I was sucked into the choreography of Black Swan.” “You were adept enough that it didn’t seem like you’re the first broadcast of the show.” “I think Son Dambi will be first place.”

“Kiss and Cry” is a figure skating survival program where ten celebrities team up with ten professional figure skaters. On the first episode for May 22nd Son Dambi performed the choreography for the black sawn to the music of “Swan Lake” 

Source: Star News