Jay Park Speaks Out To Haters On Twitter

Before he snapped photos with Jang Seo-won, the dance crew, and Kim Soo-ro, Jay Park had a lot on his mind that he had to tweet.On May 23rd, Jay Park shared his thoughts about family, haters, and all the Jaywalkers out there. 

Check out his personal twitter-view below: 

“Fam helps out fam, not to gain nothing but because they’re FAM, recognize~lot of ppl who don’t want to give me a chance who dont wanna help me out but sall good still got love for yall, but we’ll see baby give it a year lol…just sayin sh**~ for all those who do support me I WONT LET U DOWN, LOVE YALL”

What do you think about Jay’s tweet-to-heart?