New Albums And Singles Preview - May Week 3

FT Island mini-album Vol. 3 – Return (May 24)

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1. Hello Hello
2. Oh
3. I’ll Have You
4. Confess
5. Sunshine Girl

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Boy band FT Island has returned with their new mini album ‘Return’ after ten months. During their absence from Korea, they were actively promoting in Japan. Last month in April, their Japanese single album ‘Satisfaction’ reached number two on Japan’s Oricon Singles Chart. Their title track ‘Satisfaction’ is currently used as the ending theme song for Fuji TV animation ‘Toriko’. Lead vocalist Lee Hong Ki is also receiving much love for his lead role in the currently airing TBS drama ‘Muscle Girl’.

Their title track “Hello Hello” is a very upbeat, fast (200 BPM) and cheerful rock track that uses a fresh acoustic sound for the intro and an overall fast rock sound. The song’s about sending off the person you love and feeling dissatisfied. Therefore, a farewell greeting is replaced with a hello greeting, which is characterized by an ironic expression.

Having been busy promoting in Japan and with other overseas activities, this new mini album ‘Return’ marks their long-awaited comeback since their last hit track ‘Love Love Love’. We will be able to see a more mature side of their music through this mini album.

5Dolls – Club Remix Album (May 24)

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1. Time To Play [Intro]
2. Like This Or That

3. Without You
4. I’m Talking About You [Remix Ver.]
5. Lip Stain [Remix Ver.]
6. Trickle [Remix Ver.]
7. Good For You [Remix Ver.]
8. Wait Right There [Remix Ver.]

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5Dolls releases a club remix album ‘Time To Play’ that was worked on by composers such as Kim Ki Bum, Kang Ji Won, Shinsadong Tiger, and Choi Kyu Sung. This remix album consists of a total of eight tracks, which includes five remix versions and three new tracks. Their new pop dance title track ‘Like This Or That’ is composed and written by Kim Ki Bum and Kang Ji Won who’ve created hit songs for Secret such as ‘Madonna’, ‘Magic’, and ‘Shy Boy’. It is created with an addictive base guitar, electric guitar, and drum sounds. Another addictive yet sad pop dance track ‘Without You’ is composed and written by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyu Sung who’ve created songs for Tiara such as ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’, ‘One&One’, and ‘I’m Really Hurt’. It brings out an 80s retro feel, which uses synth sounds as the main theme.

Jang Woo Hyuk Vol. 3 – I Am The Future (May 25)

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1. Minimalism
2. I Am The Future (Feat. Seo Jung Hwan & Jo Eun Hee)
3. The Day Time Stopped Moving / Time Is [L]Over
4. Weekend Night
5. [W] Time (Feat. J’Kyun)
6. The Day Time Stopped Moving / Time Is [L]Over (Instrumental)
7. Weekend Night (Instrumental)

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Best known as a member of Korea’s best original idol group ‘H.O.T’ and dance icon, Jang Woo Hyuk is finally returning to his fans with new music, fashion, and performances after a long five year hiatus. The legend begins again.

Up until now, Jang Woo Hyuk has produced his own solo albums and other numerous albums for H.O.T and JTL. Again, he personally produced and had full control of his third mini album. Although this is a very difficult task, he likes to evaluate his own work and identify his strengths and weaknesses. We recognize Jang Woo Hyuk as one of Korea’s top dance performers. Like always, his amazing performances will invite us to a new world this time as well. Popular music genres, melodies that stimulate emotions and sad lyrics can all be heard in this mini album.

Gavy NJ mini-album Vol. 2 – Butterfly (May 26)

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1. Everyday
2. You know… (Only Hee Young)
3. You Are My Hero (Feat. Woo-Side) (Only Shi Hyun)
4. I Hope… (Only Misty)
5. Long Live Love
6. A Cup Of Latte (Feat. Gilme)
7. Everyday (Inst.)

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Gavy NJ has returned with their fifth studio album Vol.2 [Gavy Effect]. Not too long ago, they’ve released and performed two sweet love songs which were ‘A Cup Of Latte’ and ‘Long Live Love’. This time, they have returned with a European pop style and sophisticated love track ‘Everyday’. Their title track ‘Everyday’ is produced by Gavy NJ’s main producer Min Myung Gi, and written by Min Yeon Jae, which is expected to be another hit track. Other talented composers such as Lee Sun Joo, Song Dae Ki, Won Taek, and Park Ji Young have all contributed to this album.

Through this album, all the members have turned into singer-songwriters. All three members have personally contributed in writing and composing their own solo tracks. Particularly, the youngest member No Shi Hyun and SG Wannabe’s Lee Seok Hoon act as lovers in the music video for their title track ‘Everyday’. In addition, No Shi Hyun has also contributed by personally creating the album design.

Alex Vol. 2 – Just Like Me (June 1)

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1. The Story I Could Not Tell
2. You’re My Lady
3. Same Dream
4. Spring Day Is Like Wind
5. If I Could Turn It Back – Feat. Jane (Movie ‘Late Autumn’ OST)
6. Even If I Go Crazy

7. Talk
8. No Blessings From Myself
9. To Reach You
10. It’s A Flower
11. Tomboi – Feat. Lovey
12. Ordinary You
13. Going Back To You Again (Outro)
14. Saying Goodbye With A Smile (Bonus Track) (KBS ‘Romance Town’ OST)

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Korea’s best romanticist Alex has returned with his second studio album after a three year hiatus. In this solo album, we will be able to feel Alex’s romantic and soft side as well as his masculine charms. There are a total of 14 tracks in this album, which also includes the OST track ‘If I Could Turn It Back’ from the movie ‘Late Autumn’ starring Hyun Bin and Tang Wei. Many famous musicians and composers such as Clazziquai’s leader Kim Sung Hoon (DJ Clazzi), Loveholics’ Kang Hyun Min and Lee Jae Hak, Shim Hyun Bo, Lel, No Reply’s Kwon Soon Kwan, Ra.D, Jane, and Daybreak’s Lee Won Seok have all contributed to this album. The title track ‘Even If I Go Crazy’ is composed by a promising composer Lel, which tells of a sad love story about a man who is crazily exhausted because of his lover but continues to express his feelings, bearing unhealed wounds. It is a very addictive track with a strong melody. The introduction sounds dry yet brings out sad emotions while the chorus sounds like echoes.

Jang Jae In mini-album Vol. 1 – Day Breaker (May 26)

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1. Toy Soldiers
2. I Love Paul
3. Memories Are Like Watercolors
4. You Are Immature
5. Twinkle Twinkle

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In 2010, singer-songwriter Jang Jae In took Korea by storm with her appearances on the popular Mnet singing contest show ‘Superstar K Season 2’. She captured TV viewers with her singing and guitar skills. On May 26th, she will be releasing her official debut album. All five tracks were personally written, composed, arranged, played, and produced by Jang Jae In. Many famous musicians have contributed such as Kim Hyung Seok (Kiwi Music Entertainment representative and producer), Jung Won Young (Jang Jae In’s professor and music mentor), Im Heon Il (from group Mate), and DJ Soulscape. A wide range of music (folk, piano ballad, and vintage soul) can be heard in this album. Jang Jae In has put her heart and soul into creating this album for the past four months. Her passion, beliefs and endless efforts can definitely be felt in this album.

Jewelry (single) – Pass (released)

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1. Pass
2. Pass (Inst.)

Back in January, Jewelry made a successful comeback with their title track ‘Back It Up’ along with two new members Park Se Mi and Kim Ye Won (replacing former members Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young). Now they’re back with another single ‘Pass’. The album jacket photos are filled with the members’ individual charms, which shows them vacationing and having a great time. Their title track ‘Pass’ is composed by Kim Gun Woo, which has a familiar melody and strong addictive sounds.

Sung Shi Kyung (single) – First (released)

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1. First
2. First (Inst.)

The last song Sung Shi Kyung sang before entering the military was ‘Goodbye My Love’ back in 2008. He successfully completed his military service in May 2010 and another year has passed by without him releasing a new album. After completing his military service, he sang a duet song ‘It’s You’ with IU and held his ten year anniversary concert. Finally, Sung Shi Kyung is making a comeback with his seventh studio album ‘First’. This track is composed by composer Kang Seung Won, which is a song that was written 20 years ago. Sung Shi Kyung’s voice is well expressed in this song, which brings out old emotions as if it was recorded 20 years ago. Sung Shi Kyung is well known for his soothing voice, which can definitely be heard in this album as well.  Celebrating the release of his seventh studio album, Sung Shi Kyung will be holding concerts on May 28th and 29th at Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. His album will officially be released after his concert.

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