The Film “Wonderful Radio” Begins Filming with Lee Min Jung and Lee Jung Jin

The Film “Wonderful Radio” has cast Lee Min Jung and Lee Jung Jin as the main roles, and has begun filming.

“Wonderful Radio” is about a radio DJ “Jin Ah” (Lee Min Jung) who used to be a part of an idol group. She meets PD “Lee Jae Ik” (Lee Jung Jin) who has a touchy personality but lots of charm. The film is a drama about the two working together for a program called, “Wonderful Radio.”

“Jin Ah” used to be a part of a group called “Purple” that was famous and now she is trying to save her radio program (It has had a low listening base) with “Jae Ik” by making a new segment of the radio show. As she listens to the listener’s dramatic and lively stories she begins to go through miracle-like moments where she has the chance to change her life.

The director of this film is Kwon Cheul In who also directed films such as “Singles” and “I like Hot Things.” The film will “crank-in” at the end of June and will be released in the winter of 2011.


Source: Nate