After School’s Gahee Denies Dating Rumors

After School’s Gahee denied that she was dating with Park Joon Soo who appears on MBC’s “New Employee.” “New Employee” is a survival reality show where members are trying to become an announcer.

On the show that was broadcast for May 22nd, Park Joon Soo and Lee Si Woo met After School members while behind the scenes for a live show.

There was a “popularity vote” (where one votes for the person that she/he is interested in) and Lee Si Woo got all of the votes from the members except for Gahee. Gahee was the only one that voted for Park Joon Soo. Then, rumors began to spread that they were dating.

To this Gahee said, “I was only being passionate in order to match the filming concept. I think post-editing my scenes were misinterpreted and just laughed it off.

Source: Ggam News