The 8 Looks of City Hunter: Lee Min Ho

For those of you that don’t know Lee Min Ho will be playing the main role of Lee Yoon Sung in “City Hunter” who is on the communications team. The character is bright, affectionate, and optimistic. However he fights justice while secretly dealing with his own loneliness.

The character is somewhat of a split-personality and Lee Min Ho is also taking this role differently from his others. Besides the deep acting and also the action, we can’t miss out on the chiq style of clothes that he will be wearing! Lee Min Ho has the right form in order to portray the enchanting “Hunter Look.”

The “Hunter Look” is his clothing concept for the drama that has been created after a long period of planning. First of all, the eight different “Hunter Looks” are all dandy and sharp. As you can see in the pictures the clothes have their own distinct styles with different color points, but they all have a similar theme running through them.

Also, Lee Min Ho will have a hairstyle that is a bit unbalanced in order to symbolize the complexity of his character. The “Bling Perm” that is a slightly wavy hair and the diagonally cut bang fits with the duplicity of “Lee Yoon Sung.”

Lee Min Ho’s stylist said, “Instead of merely staying ahead of the trend, we thought that a style that fit in with the character would be a better wardrobe concept. The ‘Hunter Look’ took a long time of analysis and planning to make and we are excited because we believe it will portray Lee Yoon Sung perfectly.

Source: Osen