Prosecutors Argue for One Year Imprisonment and a $75,000 Fine for Crown J

Crown J is currently charged with smoking marijuana and the prosecutors have argued for one year imprisonment and fines of $75,000. On May 24th at 11am Crown J was at his trial. He is being charged with buying marijuana in the U.S and smoking it with other Americans five times.

The prosecutors argued for imprisoning him for one year and paying a fine of $75,000. Crown J replied, “I admit my fault, and am deeply regretting the incident, I am so sorry that I caused concern as a celebrity” asking for mercy.

Crown J’s defense argued, “Crown J was in the U.S in order to expand into U.S markets,” “The U.S Hip-Hip world will often have individuals smoking weed together in order to become closer. Crown J denied the offering of weed several times, but because of the atmosphere [and camaraderie] he smoked some weed.” “He is admitting his fault and is deeply regretting the incident, so please show mercy so that he can achieve his dreams.

Crown J’s next trial will be on June 9th