“City Hunter” Releases More Teaser Stills Before Premiere

With only a day till the premiere of “City Hunter,” SSD released teaser photos of KARA’s Goo Hara, who plays the bubbly teenaged President’s daughter Da Hye. In the scene, Goo Hara is in deep thinking and daydreaming. Her character Da Hye forms a crush on Lee Min Ho’s character, Lee Yoon Sung, a super smart agent who works for her father. She recently asked Lee Yoon Sung to tutor her but was rejected without second thought.

In the photos, Da Hye’s dejected and whining to herself; and she decides to protest by not leaving her bed. Her small demonstration works as her mother comes to console her, and she begs, “Please make him be my tutor.”

During filming, Goo Hara worked her cute appearance and charms to her advantage melting the hearts of those on set. Representatives of SSD stated, “Goo Hara is always so bright and energetic, and she’s been adapting very well to acting. She’s putting her all into Da Hye, and the staff has been praising her performance.”

The drama is the first media adaptation of best-selling Japanese manga by Hojo Tsukasa, and stars Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Goo Hara, Lee Joon Hyuk, and Hwang Sun Hee. “City Hunter” premieres tomorrow, May 25th, at 9:55 PM KST.