Lee Min Ho, “I Can’t Sleep Because…”

The highly anticipated drama “City Hunter,” starring Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, will finally hit the airwaves tomorrow night! The lead actor confessed, “Now that the premiere is so near, it’s finally hitting me. I’m a bit nervous and worried.”

Recently, Lee Min Ho screened the final edited version of the first episode and stated, “I gained a certain level of confidence after people told me it was entertaining. I hope they’re right.”

He added, “Lately, I’ve been having trouble sleeping because I was anxious about the public’s response once it airs. I hope that even with the lack of sleep, I could wake up to good news Thursday morning.”

After watching Lee Min Ho throw a coin for a scene, the production team literally and figuratively interpreted, “the coin has now been tossed” (figuratively meaning that the dice has been rolled). The production team also praised Lee Min Ho saying, “Even though he’s nervous, Lee Min Ho made everyone around him comfortable and showed kindness like a true professional actor.”

“City Hunter” premieres tomorrow, May 25th, at 9:55 KST on SBS.