Isak Gets Her "Spring Awakening" Do

Isak will portray a inquisitive youngster [discovering sexuality] in her “Spring Awakening” play that will run at Seoul’s Du San Art Center from June 3rd thru September 4th. She has been practicing non-stop for months in preparation of the infamous D-DAY!

Before Miss DJ/Actress graces the stage with her presence, a lady has to have her hair done first, right? On May 24th, The former Isak N Jiyeon member tweeted an image of her newly permed hair. Below are a couple of her hair caption tweets: 

“off to get my hair done with some of my fellow spring actors~transformation to ilse continues~~~….ilse transformation?lol yes its permed…but yea doesnr look like it~lol”

She is ready for her close-up…I mean [stage] spotlight!


Credit: @realISAK